Germogli Recisi (Clipped Wings)

The life of a child soldier in Uganda

From the short story of the same name by Kossi Komla-Ebri

What is “Clipped Wings”?

“Clipped Wings” is an animated short film aimed at raising awareness about the horrible conditions of children around the world forced to participate in armed conflict against their will. By appealing to the viewer’s emotions rather than rationality, it attempts to bring about a conscientious awareness of this situation.

By supporting this project you can help bring about awareness of the atrocious phenomenon of child soldiers and together we will be able to tell the story that will bring to light the dramatic aspects of the reality of our times by combining the innocence of cartoons with the terrible story of Ogaba, an Ugandian child who wants only to play with his friends and to live in peace with his family, a right that is abruptly and violently taken away from him.

Think for a moment. There’s a little boy who has a tranquil life (he plays with his friends, goes to school, eats the good things that his mom and his gramma cook, plays tricks typical of kids his age, plays some musical instrument and dances happily, etc), maybe a life with so many material difficulties but in general peaceful and happy. Suddenly some militants in military outfits and armed to the teeth arrive. They violently force the child to go with them. How must this little boy feel, far from home, from his sense of security, from his loved ones, forced to commit atrocious acts (to kill his own friends, shoot other people, cut off limbs and heads, to see others like him blown up into a thousand pieces, etc). Try to put yourself in his place. What do you feel?

“Clipped Wings” is based on the short story of the same name (Germogli recisi) by Kossi Komla-Ebri from the book Vita e Sogni -Racconti in concerto (Life and Dreams – Short stories in concert)- Dell’Arco editions 2007.